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Deacon Bill's Biography

I grew up in a Catholic home in the '60s and '70s, raised by devout parents who both attended Catholic schools. We attended Mass regularly on Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation, and my parents enrolled us every year in CCD (what we would now call religious education). We were active with the parish at Fairchild AFB and in the larger Catholic community of Spokane. I remember attending Mass at St. Aloysius and Friday night prayer meetings at Gonzaga. And I liked to play priest and celebrate "mass" in my bedroom using flattened Wonder Bread for hosts and Kool-Aid for communion wine.

I fell away from the Church toward the end of high school and was away for many years, searching for truth in philosophy, other religions and whatever else presented itself for consideration. None satisfied. When I first thought about returning to the Catholic Church, my biggest concerns were intellectual. However, encouraged by Fr. John Koelsch, who assured me that I did not have to check my brain at the door, I set aside my skepticism and set out to learn that faith in its fullness. I have since found that the Catholic faith gives me a coherent world view, and I have come to know and love the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit more daily.

I have graduate degrees in English literature and theology and was ordained in 2013. My wife Gina and I have been married for almost 12 years, and between us, we have five children and five grandchildren. We are very pleased to serve at St. John's, which has been our home parish since 2003.

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