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BELONG issue 18.46   Dec. 11, 2018

PARISH FOCUS: Coming Pastoral Plan

Title: Stations of Lifelong Conversion

“The Lord of hosts shall make unto all people in this mountain, a feast.” ~Isaiah 26:6

WHY:  Using the trilogy of “Feed the Body, Feed the Mind & Feed the Spirit,” we know that physical health is generally best maintained using the Food Pyramid for example. This plan has recommendations of what—and how much—to eat. To “feed the mind” as well is not a blind pursuit; we can follow recommendations to improve critical thinking for example, wherein we first identify a question or problem, gather data from multiple sources, then move to analysis that puts us in a better position to make a decision on the matter. The same applies to “Feed the Spirit.” We don’t have to re-invent the wheel when it comes to growing our faith, especially since the Catholic church has provided SO much to ponder going back across 1985 years (2018 minus 33 years from the first Pentecost and the start of the Catholic Church). In this specific case, we’ll be looking to implement the pastoral plan for faith formation as developed by the US Catholic Bishop’s Conference. It will be their recommendations that will assist us in making the climb up the mountain to the Lord’s feast!

We are calling our pastoral plan “Stations of Lifelong Conversion” because 1) Catholics we “get” stations and the Bishop’s plan lays out six key areas of faith formation that require constant, recurring attention and 2) because faith is never a static but dynamic force in our lives, as we aspire to become more Christ-like.  This plan will not pre-empt anything already underway here in the parish; it’s just a way to help to organize some things around common spiritual themes.  More information to come!


VIDEO: Crisis of Belonging in general and to the Church

Belong is the title we have chosen for this weekly digital newsletter. It has been extended with a call to action now: Belong to Christ, His Church & Your Cathedral.

Accordingly, this video explores the challenge in our modern society in relation to belonging in general, and to the church specifically. This theme is explored in "Making Peace with Church: Finding Grace and Authenticity in an Age of Skepticism," a live online panel discussion co-hosted by Regent College and Christianity Today. The panel includes New Testament scholar Scot McKnight, Vancouver pastor Darrell Johnson, and theologian Hans Boersma discussing millennials' relationship to church and building authentic community in the body of Christ.

Why is the concept of belonging so important for the church at this moment?

Sometimes the world can feel overwhelming, especially among the younger people of my generation. There’s a really deep need to find our place in it. We have so many options for connecting with one another and all this pressure to make the most of them. But it’s often the case that the institutions that used to broker these connections—institutions like the church—are losing their influence.

No church is perfect. And sometimes this reality hits close to home. It might prompt you to dig your heels in and try to fix it. It might persuade you to stop going to church altogether. After all, there are so many competing and attractive ways to spend your Sunday mornings. But church is so much more than a place we “go to” or a project we “work on.”

How much of church is about my own spiritual needs? How much is about my relationship with God and neighbour? What is it about this historical moment that’s driving so many of us away from church? Finally, how can we allow grace to ground our relationships and create safe spaces?

To view the video click on


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Altera septimana (Latin for “until next week”)!



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