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Send all bulletin items, photos and correspondence to sjcathedralbulletin@gmail.com. The deadline for submitting bulletin entries is 10 days before the Sunday you wish it to appear. Deadlines are earlier for Christmas/Easter. We reserve the right to edit and accept all submissions.

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Bulletin Item Requests

To request items in the bulletin, email sjcathedralbulletin@gmail.com.

Bulletin Policies

We print items in our bulletin according to priority, with parish news first, items from local parishes and the Diocese next, items from nonparish Catholic organizations next, etc. We try to give priority to time sensitive items. We cannot assure that every item sent to us will be printed because of space limitations.  We do not print items that are primarily to benefit private individuals, like sale items, house rentals, etc. If you own a business and want to advertise in the bulletin, your advertising is welcome and appreciated, as it allows us to have our bulletin printed for free! Contact Catholic Printery at 1-800-616-4138 (Sheila Miller). 

Bulletin submission deadline is ten days before publication (Thursday of the weekend before you would like the item published). If you are submitting a nonparish item, it is best to submit it several weeks ahead, because we often do not have room if you are requesting at the "last minute."

We discourage bulletin inserts, and so if you are requesting a flyer or other insert please be aware that we may not grant such a request. Most news and event items can be inserted directly into our bulletin if you send an electronic file. It is best to send both a flyer and a text version, so that we do not have to try to rewrite your news to get it in the bulletin. Keep in mind that space is VERY limited and we reserve the right to edit items to reduce the space required.  

In many cases your items can be easily and quickly published on our parish Facebook page, so do not hesitate to submit items that you believe parishioners would want to hear about.  We reserve the right to decline to publish any item. We cannot publish any items relating to political campaigns or candidates.  

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