Leadership Councils

At the Cathedral, the Rector regularly seeks advice and counsel from several councils and committees, some of which are designated as leadership councils.  The leadership councils provide advice and counsel regarding three main areas of parish life:  pastoral areas, financial matters, and liturgical issues.  Thus the three main leadership councils are the Pastoral Council, the Finance Council, and the Liturgy Council. 

Other committees and councils also study issues facing the parish, and provide advice to staff or the Rector on those issues.  At the Cathedral there is a Stewardship Committee, a Building Committee, and Adult Formation Committee along with various ad hoc committees brought together for various purposes. 

All of these Councils and commmittees welcome input from parishioners on issues identified or suggestions for improvements in the way we as a parish are growing and providing services.

Pastoral Council

Learn more about the Council and its work, including our parish vision/mission, strategic plan, and purpose by clicking on the link above.  You can also view pictures of Council members so that you know who the current members are.  Also linked on this page are Pastoral Council Minutes and Bylaws. 

Finance Council

Click on the link to learn more about the role of the Finance Council in advising on matters of financial importance to the community.  You can also find Council minutes and a roster of members.  To see the most current Financial Report of the parish email boisecathedral@gmail.com.

Liturgy Council

Click on the link above to learn more about the group of parishioners and clergy that plan our liturgies and formulate policies and procedures to recommend to the Rector, to enhance our beautiful liturgies. 

Advisory Groups

These groups of parishioners for advisory bodies to help the staff and clergy better serve our parishioners.

Stewardship Council

This Council looks at ways to develop time, talent and treasure among parishioners to help our parish grow.  

Comité Hispano

This group gathers once a month to plan activities within the Spanish speaking community and provide advice and ideas to staff and clergy on growing and expanding this ministry. 

Adult Formation Commitee

This group gathers to review adult formation materials and provide ideas and suggestions for forming the faith of adults. 

Ministry Leaders

Three to four times a year the leaders of all ministries in the parish gather with the rector to learn from each other, provide input and form themselves as better leaders.  

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