Becoming Catholic (RCIA)

Come and give the Catholic Church a try!

Annually we have a program to help people discern their spiritual journey. We use as our foundation the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) which is explained in more detail below. We meet mostly on Wednesday evenings, with some Saturday and Sunday gatherings. Below is our 2019-20 schedule (check back for updates).  For more information email [email protected] 

BECOMING CATHOLIC (RCIA) 2019-2020 Schedule

---------- Period 1 of 4: Inquiry / Pre-Catechumenate ----------------

01 Wed 10/9.  Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Introductions: "Buen Camino"
-Topic: Your Spiritual Journey with Braden Stauts 

02 Wed 10/16. Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Topic: “Being Catholic in the 21st Century” with Lynn Zeller
-Click on Scripture link>29 Sunday Ordinary Time (C) 
-Cathedral tour: Deacon Derrick

03 Wed 10/23.  Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Click on Scripture link>30 Sunday Ordinary Time (C) 

04 Wed 10/30. Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Click on Scripture link>31 Sunday Ordinary Time (C)

05 Sat 11/2. Cathedral Parish Hall 9AM
-Topic: “The Mass” (Part 1 of 2) with Fr. Mariusz

06 Wed 11/6.  Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Click on Scripture link>32 Sunday Ordinary Time (C)

07 Wed 11/13. Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Topic: “Advent” (Part 1 of 2)
-Click on Scripture link>33 Sundary Ordinary Time (C) 

08 Wed 11/20. Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Topic: “Advent" (Part 2 of 2)
-Click on Scripture link>34 Sunday Ordinary Time (C) 

[Wed. 11/27. No class-Thanksgiving break]


--------------------- Period 2 of 4: Catechumenate ---------------------

09 Sun 12/1. Cathedral @ _____ Mass
-First Sunday of Advent: Catechumen: Rite of Acceptance; Candidate: Rite of Welcoming

10 Wed 12/4.  Queen of Peace 6:30PM

11 Sat 12/7 Cathedral Hall 9AM
-Mass Part 2 of 2 w/ Fr. Mariusz

12 Wed 12/11 Queen of Peace 6:30PM

13 Wed 12/18 Queen of Peace 6:30PM

[Wed. 12/25 & 1/1: No classes]

14 Wed 1/8 Queen of Peace 6:30PM

15 Wed 1/15 Parish Mission TBA
-Topic: Angels & Divine Mercy

16 Wed 1/22 Queen of Peace 6:30PM

17 Wed 1/29 Queen of Peace 6:30PM 

18 Sat 2/1 Cathedral Parish Hall
-First Saturday: Apostles’ Creed part 1 of 4 

19 Wed 2/5 Queen of Peace 6:30PM

20 Wed 2/12 Queen of Peace 6:30PM

21 Wed 2/19 Queen of Peace 6:30PM

22 Wed 2/26 Cathedral Mass TBA
sh Wednesday (Start of Lent)

------------------- Period 3: Purification & Enlightenment (Lent) ---------------------

23 Sun 3/1 Cathedral Mass TBA
-Rite of Election: Catechumen: Rite of Election; Candidate: Call Continuing Conversion

24 Wed 3/4 Queen of Peace 6:30PM

25 Sat 3/7 Cathedral Parish Hall 9AM
-First Saturday: Apostles’ Creed part 2 of 4

26 Wed 3/11 Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Topic: The RCIA scrutinies

27 Sun 3/15 Cathedral Mass TBA
-First Scrutiny

28 Wed 3/18 Queen of Peace 6:30PM

29 Sun 3/22 Cathedral Mass TBA
-Second Scrutiny

30 Wed 3/25 Queen of Peace, 6:30PM

31 Sun 3/29 Cathedral Mass TBA
-Third Scrutiny

32 Wed 4/1 Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Prep for Vigil I

33 Sat 4/4 Cathedral Parish Hall 9AM
-First Saturday: Apostles’ Creed part 3 of 4

34 Wed 4/8 Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Prep for Vigil II

35 Sat 4/11 Cathedral 7PM -Easter Vigil

------------------- Period 4: Mystagogy (Easter Season) ---------------------

36 Wed 4/22 Queen of Peace, 6:30PM
-Potluck dinner celebration                

[Wed 4/29  No class]

37 Sat 5/2 Cathedral Parish Hall
-First Saturday: Apostles’ Creed part 4 of 4

       [Wed 5/6 No class]

38 Wed 5/13 Queen of Peace 6:30PM

       [Wed 5/20 No class]

39 Wed 5/27 Queen of Peace 6:30PM

40 Graduation Sun 5/31 Cathedral: TBD
-Pentecost mass



2019 Catechumens & Candidates:


"No one will force you to stay. Have a look at the Catholic Church from inside the convictions that make Catholicism what it is. Walk around in it. See how it feels. Then decide what you think about it." ~ George Weigel


What is RCIA?  

RCIA stands for Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. When we bring people into the Catholic Church, or help them to receive all of their initial sacraments if they are already baptized Catholic, we call that "initiation." While the word "initiation" is often used when people are talking about joining a club, we are really talking about a process of prayer, reflection and study spread over several months during which the inquirer participates in Catholic life and worship.  The focus of the RCIA process is Christian conversion - a change of heart in which the individual turns toward God and away from whatever is in the way of living a full Christian life. Those who participate in this process of prayer, study and reflection include:

Catechumen: People who have never been baptized

Candidate: People who were baptized in another Christian tradition, or baptized Catholics who want to deepen their understanding of their faith and complete their sacraments of initiation. The three sacraments of initiation are Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation.

They are joined by their sponsors and others looking to grow their faith

So this process could also be a good formation opportunity for anyone who:

  • Desires to know more about the Catholic Church
  • Attends the Catholic Church and is questioning if the Catholic Church is the right choice for a faith community
  • Was baptized Catholic but left or has had little or no contact with the Church. 

Becoming Catholic today means being a part of an ancient faith, deeply rooted in the teachings and traditions of Christ, that is filled with hope and vibrancy as we continue to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to all the ends of the earth. To look at frequently asked questions about RCIA CLICK HERE. Here's the schedule for this year's faith formation process:


People journeying through the RCIA process need sponsors and community support to help them grow in faith. The RCIA team of sponsors help guide, support and instruct those discerning whether to become members of our Catholic community. Team members share their faith with inquiring adults who are seeking more information about the Catholic Church, many of whom seek to celebrate one or more of the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation. If you are a confirmed practicing Catholic who is interested in helping others to become Catholic, contact John Ysursa, Adult Faith Formation Facilitator, [email protected] for more information.

Sponsor Attributes

A sponsor is a friend. Being a sponsor in the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) is like being a good friend. The sponsor is a companion to a prospective member of the church as he or she takes a personal faith journey to becoming Catholic.  A sponsor extends our parish's and the universal Church community's welcome and support in a personal way.

A sponsor is present. Sponsors will be asked to attend a few rites and participate. For example, if they are sponsoring a catechumen, at the beginning of Lent they will be asked to participate in the Rite of Election. Their presence is also required at the Saturday night Easter Vigil, etc. The sponsor is expected to reflect a conversion and sufficient knowledge of Christian teaching and a sense of faith and charity.

A sponsor prays.  S/he humbly recognizes that he is an instrument whom God uses to support the candidate. In prayer the sponsor learns to be open to the Lord's will and to rely upon the Spirit for guidance. As a sponsor you may be asked to introduce a catechumen or previously baptized candidate to some of the many forms of prayer in the church.

A sponsor listens. S/he knows how to listen well to the stories of others. Every person comes with a unique story, a life story that is like the gospel stories that reveal the living Christ. We must learn to listen well to the stories of others, or we will fail to recognize Christ working in them.

A sponsor is up to the spiritual challenge. Sponsors should be willing to accept the possibility of being challenged in their own faith. The candidates' personal stories, struggles, and insights have a way of stirring up within the sponsor a renewed sense of belonging to the church. After all, being Catholic means dying to self and being born again, and again, and again, in an ongoing process of conversion.   

Prayer for Becoming Catholic

Lord Jesus, we ask you blessings on these men and women who aspire to join your Church—for the first time or once again—through our parish community.

As they ponder your Word and share their stories may the fabric of their lives become interwoven just as our lives are-- into the very Body of Christ, your Church.