Becoming Catholic (RCIA)

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BECOMING CATHOLIC (RCIA) Schedule, 2021 - 22

-Want to learn more about the Catholic Church?
-Considering becoming Catholic but not sure yet?
-Want to share a spiritual journey together to find out more?

COME and give our program a try. We use as our foundation the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) which was developed in the early Church. From October through May we meet weekly on Wednesday evenings, with some Sunday gatherings. Below is our schedule (check back for updates).  

COST: We ask that you obtain your own study materials (1. a Catholic Study Bible, 2. a copy of Brandon Vogt's Why I Am Catholic: and You Should Be Too and 3. Handbook for Today's Catholic) and take a couple turns hosting treats for our gatherings. 

COMMITMENT: The ask is that you attend as many of the forty sessions below as possible.

NOTE: This is for those who are considering becoming Catholic for the first time. If you were already baptized Catholic and received First Communion, who missed the sacrament of Confirmation, then click on> Adult Catholic Confirmation). 

QUESTIONS?  For more information email [email protected] 


------ Period 1 of 4: Inquiry / Pre-Catechumenate -----

01 Wed 10/6. Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Introductions: "Buen Camino"

02 Wed 10/13. Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Cathedral tour (Deacon Derrick) [FYI video Tour a Cathedral]

One-on-one RCIA Consult

04 Wed 10/20. Queen of Peace 6:30PM 
-Sponsor consideration
-How Christianity Saved Civilization: And Must Do So Again (pdf)
-Discussion of Vogt's book Introduction & Conclusion (John)

05 Wed 10/27.  Queen of Peace 6:30PM

-Video: Fr. Schmidt & "Authority"
-Favorite depiction of Christ
-Discussion of Vogt's ch. 1

06 Wed 11/3. Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Catechism of the Catholic Church 

-Discussion of Vogt's ch. 2
-Favorite depiction of Christ (cont.)

07 Wed 11/10. Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Discussion of Vogt ch. 3
-Liturgical Calendar (Fr. Mariusz)

--------- Period 2 of 4: Catechumenate ----------

     08 Sun 11/14. Cathedral Mass 5PM   
-Catechumen: Rite of Acceptance; Candidate: Rite of Welcoming

09 Wed 11/17.  Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Discussion of Vogt ch. 4
-Catholics & Mary w/ Bill Doyle
-Praying the Rosary 

     [Wed. 11/24. No class-Thanksgiving break; end of Ordinatry time/beginning of Advent]

10 Wed 12/1 Queen of Peace 6:30PM 
-FYI video: "Spirituality of Advent" (Bishop Barron)
-Advent Parish Mission (in the Cathedral) w. Fr. Bill Casey 
-This Sunday's scripture reflections click on> Advent II (Confession of Sins)

11 Wed 12/8 Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Discussion of Vogt ch. 5
-Early Church Fathers w/ Braden Stauts

12 Wed 12/15 Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-This Sunday's scripture reflections click on> Advent IV (Incarnation)

13 TBA   
 [Wed. 12/22 & 12/29: No classes]

14 Wed 1/5 Queen of Peace, 6:30PM

15 Wed 1/12 Queen of Peace, 6:30PM

16 Wed 1/19 Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Discussion of Vogt ch. 6
-Sacraments of Initiation w/ Deacon Bill Burns [ Handout on the Sacraments ]

17 Wed 1/26 Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Discussion of Vogt's ch. 7
-The Catholic Mass videos: click on> Bishop Robert Barron & "The Veil Removed"
-Walk through of the Mass in the Cathedral w/ Deacon Derrick 

18 Wed 2/2 Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Criticisms of the Church: Vogt's ch. 7
-Sex abuse scandal w/ Bill Doyle

19 Wed 2/9 Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Discussion of Vogt ch. 8: True Forgiveness
-Martin Luther & the Protestant Reformation [video] w/ Dan Brady

20 Wed 2/16 Queen of Peace, 6:30PM 
-Discussion of Vogt ch. 9: Cherishes Beauty
-Catholic Convert: GK Chesterton w/ Colt Van Eaton

21 Wed 2/23 Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Discussion of Vogt ch. 10: Lifts Us Up
-Decision point: Let's Do This!?
-Pray the Rosary 

------- Period 3: Purification & Enlightenment (Lent) -------

22 Wed 3/2 [FYI click on>] Ash Wednesday: any of the Cathedral services 7AM, 12:15PM, 5:30 PM, 7PM Spanish
  23 Fri 3/4 [FYI click on>] Stations of the Cross @ 5:30 in the Cathedral

24 Wed 3/9 Queen of Peace 6:30PM

25 Wed 3/16 Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Discussion of Vogt ch. 11: It's for Everybody

     26 Rite of Sending: Cathedral Mass @ TBA
    - Rite of Sending (pdf) 

     27 Rite of Election w/ Bishop Peter @ TBA in the Cathedral
    -Rite of Election(Catechumen) & Call Continuing Conversion(Candidate) (pdf)

     28 Sun 3/20 Scrutiny I Cathedral Mass @ __ (w/ sponsor)
     -First Scrutiny (pdf)

[Wed 3/23 no class-click on> Solo Prayer Retreat]

     29 Sun 3/27 Scrutiny II Cathedral Mass @ __ (ideally w/ sponsor)  
     -Second Scrutiny (pdf)

30 Chrism Mass TBA @ Cathedral

31 Wed 3/30 Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Discussion of Confirmation patron saint

     32 Sun 4/3 Scrutiny III Cathedral Mass @ __ (ideally w/ sponsor)
      -Third Scrutiny (pdf)

33 Wed 4/6 Presentation of the Lord's Prayer

Candidates: Confession with Fr. Mariusz after Stations of the Cross (about 6PM) downstairs in chapel.
[Catechumens your first confession will be arranged after Easter]
-Click on> Going to Confession 

34 Wed 4/13 Queen of Peace 6:30PM
-Entering Into the Triduum (pdf)
-Sacraments of Initiation / Easter Vigil preparation

35 Sat. Apr 4/16 Rehearsal 10AM @ Cathedral
     -Done before noon

36 Sat. Apr 4/16 Easter Vigil 8PM @ Cathedral
     -Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Eucharist & Confirmation


Period 4: Mystagogy

37 Wed 4/20

38 Wed 5/4

39 Wed 5/18

40 Wed 6/1

PENTECOST SUNDAY: The birthday of the Roman Catholic Church, 33AD



-"The Catholic Church:" A Jewish Assessment by Jonah Goldberg (pdf) 

-Top 10 Questions Catholics are Asked (pdf)
-Setup of R.C.I.A. Scrutinies [FYI website & video]

-Catholic Lectionary

Chrism Mass (pdf) 

-Topic: “21st Century Catholics" (John)   

-Sponsors & Patron Saints 

-Catholic Church Etiquette (pdf)




"No one will force you to stay. Have a look at the Catholic Church from inside the convictions that make Catholicism what it is. Walk around in it. See how it feels. Then decide what you think about it."
~ George Weigel

What is RCIA?  

RCIA stands for Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. When we bring people into the Catholic Church, or help them to receive all of their initial sacraments if they are already baptized Catholic, we call that "initiation." While the word "initiation" is often used when people are talking about joining a club, we are really talking about a process of prayer, reflection and study spread over several months during which the inquirer participates in Catholic life and worship.  The focus of the RCIA process is Christian conversion - a change of heart in which the individual turns toward God and away from whatever is in the way of living a full Christian life. Those who participate in this process of prayer, study and reflection include:

Catechumen: People who have never been baptized

Candidate: People who were baptized in another Christian tradition, or baptized Catholics who want to deepen their understanding of their faith and complete their sacraments of initiation. The three sacraments of initiation are Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation.

They are joined by their sponsors and others looking to grow their faith.

Becoming Catholic today means being a part of an ancient faith, deeply rooted in the teachings and traditions of Christ, that is filled with hope and vibrancy as we continue to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to all the ends of the earth. To look at frequently asked questions about RCIA CLICK HERE

Prayer for Becoming Catholic

Lord Jesus, we ask you blessings on these men and women who aspire to join your Church—for the first time or once again—through our parish community.

As they ponder your Word and share their stories may the fabric of their lives become interwoven just as our lives are-- into the very Body of Christ, your Church.