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14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Three Calls of Jesus

The Three Calls of Jesus


The Gospel of Matthew has collected three calls from Jesus, which we, his followers, have to listen carefully. As we put into practice these three calls, they possess the force to transform this climate of discouragement, tiredness and boredom that sometimes permeate many in our Christian communities.

"Come to me all you who are weary and burdened. I will give you rest." This is the first call. It is addressed to all those who live their religion as a burden. No few Christians live burdened by their conscience, in a permanent state of guilt. They are not great sinners though. They simply “were trained” to constantly bear in mind their sin and they have not yet experienced the joy of God’s constant forgiveness. If they were to meet or experience Jesus, they would be relieved.

There are also Christians tired of living their religion as a worn out tradition. As empty practices. If they were to meet or experience Jesus, they would learn to live at peace with God. They would be able to discover an inner joy which today they do not know or cannot experience. Then they would follow Jesus, not by compulsion but by attraction and conviction.

"Take my yoke upon you for it is easy, and my burden light." This is the second call. Jesus does not overwhelm anyone. Instead, He releases what it is the best in each one of us as he proposes us to live our lives in the most humane, dignified and healthy manner. It is not easy to find a more exciting and passionate lifestyle than walking on the footsteps of Jesus!

Jesus frees us from fear, guilt, and pressures, he does not increase them; Jesus increases our freedom, not our dependency; He awakens in us trust, never sadness; He draws us to love, not to a fearful observance of laws and precepts. He invites us to live doing always good.

"Learn from me for I am meek and humble of heart and you shall find rest." This is the third call. We must learn from Jesus to live like him. Jesus does not make our lives more difficult. On the contrary, He makes it simpler and clearer, more humble and healthier. He offers rest. He never proposes his followers something he has not lived and experienced before. He invites us to follow the same road he has traveled. That is why Jesus can understand our difficulties and our struggles, he can forgive our mistakes and blunders, by always encouraging us to get up and start anew. Jesus is the Good News.          


Fr. Antonio's Reflections

Reflections from Padre Antonio Egiguren, Vicar at the Cathedral of St. John's the Evangelist. Read More



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