New Changes for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

ANNOUNCEMENT: Changes to Reception of Holy Communion

As of December 1, the first Sunday of Advent, we began the implementation of our new changes in regard to the reception of the Holy Communion. We will now have 4 cups to receive the Precious Blood. The cups will be located as such: two in front of the altar, one in front of the ambo, and one in front of the Baptismal Font. The ambo and baptismal font cups will then move forward to the SE and NE corners of the transepts to continue serving communicants. The two bowl ministers at the transepts will retire their bowls after the communicants in the transepts have received. Communion will continue with communicants seated in the main body of the Cathedral receiving the Eucharist from the priest and deacon in front of the altar. For those receiving low gluten hosts, please come forward and around to the valley of the altar to receive. We feel confident that this will alleviate the congestion in front of the altar.



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