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New Parish Ministry: "Create a Clean Heart in Me"

Create a clean heart in me

A Pastoral response to pornography: USCCB

“Given how widespread and easily accessible pornography is in today’s society, everyone is vulnerable. Many people struggle with pornography use, including faithful Catholics, people of faith, people of no faith, married and single people, fathers and mothers, the young and the old, clergy and those in consecrated life. Some people have only seen pornography a handful of times, perhaps unintentionally; some view it occasionally; while others find themselves compulsively viewing pornography, perhaps despite their best intentions to resist. While more men than women use pornography, the number of women users is growing. Pornography use is especially high among young adults, and it has been reported that the average age of first exposure to pornography is as early as eight, with boys being more likely than girls to be exposed at an earlier age and to view more extreme content before the age of eighteen.

The Church as a field hospital is called to proclaim the truth of the human person in love, to protect people—especially children—from pornography, and to provide the Lord’s mercy and healing for those wounded by pornography. Many means of support are available for those who have been harmed by pornography and who desire to be free from it and its effects.”

The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist wants to help our parishioners who struggle with viewing pornography. Your parish has teamed up with Covenant Eyes (covenanteyes.com) to help you break free from pornography. We invite any parishioner suffering from this epidemic to take advantage of 4 months free of Covenant Eyes. You have our promise of complete discretion and privacy when signing up for your safe and secure new beginning. Break the chains of pornography addiction once and for all.

To start your 4-month new beginning, please contact Deacon Daniel Gamboa, [email protected], to receive the needed program code. You may also contact Deacon Daniel if you have any questions or need ideas on how to protect your family from this epidemic.

Lent is almost over and Easter is only 21 days away. Take the 21 day challenge with Strive 21 (strive21.com). It’s free and anonymous. Remember you are stronger than your weaknesses! Finish your Lenten journey strong, sign up for the 21 day challenge today and be ready to welcome the risen Lord in your heart on Easter Sunday.


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