Nov. 10 and 17: Thanksgiving Food Boxes / Potato & Onion Sale

Nov 6, 2019

Thanksgiving Food Boxes

This weekend and next (November 10 and November 17) the Knights of Columbus will be outside the church with boxes and sign-up sheets for the Saint Vincent de Paul Society’s Thanksgiving Food Box Program. This is a family-to-family act of charity which can have a very real impact on helping some of our less fortunate neighbors enjoy this unique American holiday. Please stop by these tables and sign up to provide a complete Thanksgiving meal for a Boise family in need.

Knights of Columbus Potato and Onion Sale

In conjunction with the Saint Vincent de Paul Thanksgiving Box Drive, our Knights of Columbus will hold their annual Potato and Onion Sale at all Masses. All year long, the KofC donates to the St. John’s Food Bank and our seminarians. Because of the help we receive during our drive, we also donate to the Boy Scouts, St. John’s and Saint Vincent de Paul. Thank you for your support!



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