Rethinking Year-End Giving

As we enter the holiday season, our greatest wish for you is to experience the joy of giving. But we know sometimes all the tasks that come at this time of year can pile up — making our gift wrapping and check writing less joyful and more arduous.

Instead of waiting, consider tackling one to-do on your long holiday prep list early.


  1. Nonprofits need your donations before year-end, but they don’t necessarily need them at the end of the year. A gift in late November is no less effective than one in late December. In fact, with all the busyness of processing last-minute donations, an early gift might be the best gift!
  2. You get the same tax benefits for the year whether you make a gift in November or December. Why not ease the burden your financial advisors and stockbrokers feel at the end of the year by giving before the rush? You’ll be less stressed, too.
  3. The market doesn’t perform according to calendar dates. Why should your giving? For appreciated assets, the best time to give is when you feel they’ve appreciated and can maximize your charitable giving. Don’t let December 31st make that decision.
  4. There’s no need to wait until you receive your year-end bonus or sell appreciated stock to get the ball rolling on a donor advised fund. You can start the paperwork to establish a fund now. Then, transfer your gift into the fund when you’re ready, and start recommending grants!

It's safe and easy to give St. John's online! Go to: https://www.osvhub.com/boisecathedral/funds


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