Sept. 27-29: Parish Mission with Fr. John Burns

“Too easily, we let ourselves obsess about an unattainable horizon of perfection, an idea we create by cobbling together all the ‘greatest hits’ of things we see in others. As we do so, we implicitly tell God (and ourselves) that what we have is simply not enough. We misunderstand the value of our present state, and in turn, we fail to see the goodness of the process by which God is leading us into the future.”

- from Lift Up Your Heart by Father John Burns

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St. John’s Parish Mission with Father John Burns

September 27-29 @ 7 pm in the Cathedral


  • St. John's CathedralPosted on 9/07/21

    Details have been updated above. Thank you!

  • Andrew TothPosted on 9/05/21

    Can you tell us more about this? Times? Location?