Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise | Cathedral dedicated 1921


A part of Christian Service involves giving and offering your time to those in need of spiritual and material goods, and helping our community of St. John's Cathedral! We have many ministries in which you can volunteer to offer your support to our parishoners and many others.

- Cathedral Cleaning Saints

- Christmas Giving Tree

An annual parish event where members of St. John's are given the opportunity to select tags from a Christmas tree and provide the requested item to anonymous need individuals from our community. Items range from food, clothing and toys. This event is truly a chance to practice stewardship in the community at large. Contact Anita Miller for more information @ [email protected]

- St. Vincent de Paul

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is named after the patron saint of a lay organization founded in France in 1833 as a response to the challenge of one person who said “yes the Catholic Church has done good things in the past, but are you doing now?” It was then transplanted to the United States in 1845. We have a local chapter here in our Diocese, and it endeavors to provide ways of helping to feed the needy, prescription and transportation assistance, a re-entry program and other programs in addition to the area stores. St. John's St. Vincent de Paul conference meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. All who would like to practice their faith are welcome. Contact Kathy Dahl for more information: johncdahl @msn.com

Check out this youtube video from our channel (Studio 33ad) for more information on what St. Vincent de Paul does! 

-Sweet Saints

- Knights of Columbus

This fraternal, family-oriented order, founded by Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney, gives Catholic men a chance to be part of a "band of brothers" who serve God, Church, and community. Answering the instruction of Christ to love one another, the Knights meet monthly and engage in a variety of charitable works and service to our Church. Contact Attila Herrera for more information: [email protected]

- Caballeros de Colon

- Docent Tours

Docents enjoy sharing the beautiful Cathedral with scheduled groups and Sunday visitors. Membership in the Ministry is available to adult parishioners who make a commitment to study the Docent Manual, to attend at least one training session, and are comfortable answering questions and interacting with visitors. Proselytizing is not a part of the Ministry. To gain experience, new Docents may pair up with an experienced member to lead a Sunday Tour.  Each Docent is asked to serve in four tours or more during the year. Contact Dcn Tom Mannschreck for more information: [email protected]