Youth Ministry

Welcome to COREY—The Cathedral Office for Religious Ed and Youth!


“Youth ministry is the response of the Christian community to the needs of young people and the sharing of the unique gifts of youth with the larger community.” (from Renewing the Vision:  A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry 1997 by the USCCB.)

By the definition offered by the U.S. Bishops, youth ministry is much more than just programs.  It is about reaching out in relationship to the young people in the community, and giving them opportunities to use their gifts within the community.  Youth ministry is goal-driven, rather than program driven.

The vision of youth ministry defined by the bishops is much broader in scope than any previous model and may require a new way of thinking and ministering to you.  “All ministry with youth must be directed toward presenting young people with the Good News of Jesus Christ, and inviting and challenging them to become his disciples.” (CMD – Celebrate Youth!)

St. John's Youth Group

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  • St. John's Youth Group meets every Sunday right after the 5pm Teen Mass until 8pm. REGISTER HERE
  • Read our Youth Group Information Handout and  is an information handout about Youth Group and our important dates
  • It is ALL OF OUR RESPONSIBILITY to encourage all of our teens to join us for Youth Group, so please help us spread the word and invite any teens you may know.
  • We provide a complete dinner every Sunday night for our teens and I’m going to be asking for help with that. If you’d like to donate towards that fund or you’re willing to cook please let me know!
  • All High School Students are ENCOURAGED to attend our retreat November 1-3. REGISTER ONLINE TODAY


2019-20 Confirmation Calendar

November 1-3, 2019 - Fall Confirmation Retreat - REGISTER ONLINE TODAY

Confirmation Service Requirements

Preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation is available to validly baptized students in 9th grade or higher. Registration for this Sacrament must be completed by September 30. Any inquiries past this date will be deferred to the next school year. Confirmation typically takes place in May. Contact Michael Abbondandolo or call 208-342-3511.

Confirmation candidates are required to have completed “service” within our parish of The Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist within the year of receiving their Confirmation. Service is an opportunity for our youth to grow within our Parish and to live out their faith as an active part of our community. Confirmation Service opportunities are listed below. Each youth will receive a service commitment form to keep track of the opportunities that they have participated within our community.

  • Lectoring at the Sunday 5:00 LifeTeen Mass (this commitment is for the school year; training required)
  • Ushering at the Sunday 5:00 LifeTeen Mass (this commitment is for the school year; training required)
  • Altar Serving at the Sunday 5:00 LifeTeen Mass (this commitment is for the school year; training required)
  • Assisting with grades 1-6 Catechesis on Sunday mornings 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.
  • Assisting with Christmas Around the World (set up and clean up)
  • Assisting with Holy Thursday activities
  • More opportunities will become available throughout the year