Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise | Cathedral dedicated 1921



Lovers of the Word, Breathing Life into Scripture

“Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the Word of Christ.” ~Romans 10:17

WHAT'S INVOLVED. St. John’s Cathedral is proud to offer the opportunity to proclaim the Word for both Adults and Youth. Lectors convey, through their readings, a better understanding of the Scriptures. This communication of the scriptures draws parishioners closer to God, and contributes to the celebration of the Mass. This ministry rewards both lectors and parishioners through the effective delivery of the Word of God. Effective proclamation is intrinsic to the celebration of the Mass. As a part of the Liturgy of the Word we are called to convey the transforming Word of Christ. To read more per the US Bishop's website CLICK HERE

SIGN UP. To inquire about becoming a lector at our Masses here at the Cathedral, please email Tish Thorton at tthornton@rcdb.org 

>Weekend lector schedule. This is arranged via an online program that posts the schedule and allows for requesting substitutes. Once you sign up you'll be enter into the system for the weekend Masses.
>Holy Days/Solemnities schedule CLICK HERE