Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise | Cathedral dedicated 1921


Please refer to the latest issue of the Parish Bulletin for the most up-to-date contact information for the Ministries detailed below. You can also contact the Parish Office at 208-342-3511 or email boisecathedral@gmail.com to get involved.

Altar Server

It is a great privilege to serve at the Altar of our God and therefore Servers are chosen from those who display a desire for a more intimate union with our Lord and God, Jesus Christ. To find out more on scheduling and getting involved, email studio33ad@gmail.com

Environment Team

Those involved in the Environment ministry decorate the Cathedral for holy days and special seasons. Using the philosophy of "many hands make light work" all are welcome to participate in decorating depending upon availability and interest. 

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EOMHC)

This ministry is open to confirmed, practicing Catholics who have a deep love for the Eucharist and who wish to serve the worshipping community as extraordinary ministers. Extraordinary Ministers are commissioned to serve the community of St. John’s with the Body and Blood of Christ during liturgical celebrations. Placement on a team will follow attendance at a training, held 2-3 times a year. Watch the bulletin for training times for your chosen mass.

Lectors (Ministers of the Word)

Lectors proclaim the Word of God each Sunday at Mass during the Liturgy of the Word. Lectors are asked to spend time with God's Word. Their concern is for the community to hear, feel, see, imagine and be nourished by the message. Refer to the parish bulletin for contact information.

Sacristans / Sacristanes

This ministry is comprised of volunteers that assist with the preparation of the mass.


Hospitality is essential to our identity as a warm, supportive, sharing community and family. We gather each Sunday as a community; the ushers help every person to feel welcomed and included. To help with this, ushers stand at the church doors giving smiles and friendly hellos, they help make optimum use of space at Mass, take up the offerings and distribute the bulletin. Ushers are available to help during Mass.