Studio 33 A.D.

STUDIO 33AD (named for the traditional year of the founding of the Catholic Church on Pentecost Sunday 33AD) was created in 2020 in an effort to expand the scope of our parish communications with an online presence, to stream the Gospel Truth of Christ's redemption of our souls. We have been streaming masses (Sundays 10AM, Days of Obligation & Solemnities) and original content about our parish and beyond on our Facebook, & YouTube, channels plus podcasts on Spotify and Anchor! Here are our playlists:

Live Videos on YouTube
(Daily, Sunday and Misa Español)
Features Gospel Reflections
Homilies and Sermons Immaculata Catholic Montessori Ministerio Hispano



STREAMING WEDDINGS & FUNERALS. We offer the service to stream live events from the Cathedral (e.g., Weddings and funerals) that will stream live to our Facebook and/or YouTube channels. To inquire about this service click on> St. John's Cathedral Online Streaming Request Form (weddings, funerals, baptisms and other events)

FULL STUDIO. We have a full-service video studio at your service. To inquire about this click on> Studio 33 A.D. Videography Request Form