Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise | Cathedral dedicated 1921


Stained Glass & Altar Restoration Campaign

From Bishop Peter Christensen: Our new Holy Spirit window will be designed to better complement the current colors and designs of its surrounding counterparts. How blessed we will soon be to behold such beauty. The radiance captured in the window invites us symbolically into the manifold blessings given by the Holy Spirit—such radiant beauty!

From the stained glass window workers:  Our aim is above all to promote the Glory of God and to provide a lasting legacy enshrined in traditional and beautifully crafted stained glass windows. These visual expressions of deeply inspired faith will provide a future full of hope for generations to come. ~Conrad Schmitt Studios, Inc

One year ago the faith family of the Cathedral of St John the Evangelist joined together with overwhelming response in phase one of the restoration of the Tabernacle to its original location of honor and prominence. The parishioners of St John’s with tremendous generosity answered “YES” and were able to raise the needed $275,000 to complete the project in just six short weeks. The overwhelming desire for transcendence was evident, allowing Christ to be restored to the center of our Church and our lives once again.

We celebrated together as a family the completion of this momentous historical moment at the Solemnity of Corpus Christi in June 2021, with an authentically Catholic festival and procession commemorating the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the Cathedral and restoration work completed. Soon after this, our pastor Bishop Peter Christensen gave his blessing to begin phase two of our restoration which includes:

  • Restoring the Altar back into the Sanctuary space
  • Adding pews to restore 100 seats needed for our growing parish
  • Relocating the Ambo
  • A new Holy Spirit window (that will better compliment the current colors and design of our beautiful windows)
  • Needed restoration of some stained glass windows
  • Removal of the current baptismal pool and restoring the exclusive use of the original marble baptismal font located adjacent to the St. Joseph statue. 

The work will take five months to complete, and again this will ask for your patience as we navigate through the schedule.

The good news concerning this phase is because of the generosity of our parishioners throughout the year we will only need to raise $175,000 of the total cost of the project which is $475,000 that includes the cost of all the elements listed above. To donate online CLICK HERE