Wedding Photography and Video Guidelines

All photographers and videographers are expected to treat a couple’s sacred ceremony and the historical building that is the Cathedral with the utmost respect.


  • Photographers may take pictures until 30 minutes before the ceremony, and must have all their equipment moved from the sanctuary area by 25 minutes before the starting time of the ceremony.
  • There should be no movement in the aisles, pews or around the altar during the wedding ceremony.
  • Flash photography is not allowed during the wedding ceremony.
  • The entrance procession is considered part of the wedding ceremony. Photographers may not take pictures of the procession from the front of the aisle near the altar. Photographers may take pictures from underneath the choir loft as the procession enters the main aisle.
  • During the ceremony, photographers may take pictures either from the floor level under the choir loft, or from one of the congregation seating areas in the choir loft. (If the choir loft is used, the photographer should be sure to remove equipment in a timely manner – the organist will lock the loft when he/she leaves.)
  • Photographers, videographers and musicians are the only people allowed in the choir loft before, during, or after the wedding.


  • Videographers may set up stationary equipment in the same areas of the choir loft as photographers. They may also set up stationary equipment near the Hays Street door.
  • Wiring for microphones may not be run to the altar or pulpit areas. Cordless microphones attached to any member of the wedding party or to the pulpit are not allowed, as they may disrupt the microphone system of St. John’s.