Wedding Planning FAQ

What spaces are available for our use?

In most circumstances, the Cathedral is reserved for the bridal parties' use for decorations and pictures one to two hours before the wedding, depending upon the day and time of the wedding.

Dressing Rooms

There is a space in the lower level, in the annex, where the bridal party can prepare for the wedding, if it is available on the day of your wedding. Parish events may make this space unavailable. We cannot guarantee that there will be a space available for preparation on the day of the wedding.

May we also use the facilities at the Cathedral for a wedding reception?

Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities at the Cathedral for private receptions after weddings.

How many people does the Cathedral/Chapel hold?

The Cathedral seats 800 people comfortably. The Chapel seats 110+.

If the Cathedral is already booked on the date I want, can I have my wedding in the Chapel?

No. We do not schedule ceremonies in both locations at the same time due to constraints on space and staff.

When would our rehearsal be?

Typically, your rehearsal will take place the evening before your wedding at 5:00 p.m.

Marriage License

If your celebration is not a convalidation of an existing civil marriage between the two of you, you must purchase a Marriage License in the County Recorder's Office. Please note that a priest or deacon cannot celebrate a marriage without a valid license.

Who should we talk to about music for our wedding?

Because a wedding is a time of prayer as well as a celebration, the Church has extensive guidelines about what is appropriate music for weddings and what music is needed for a celebration of the wedding rites. Dr. Ray Morvant, our parish’s music director, will give you guidance as to music requirements. Contact: 208-342-3511 x108 or [email protected] Music consultation should be made as early in the process as possible. Music is included in your fee, which covers Dr. Morvant’s involvement in the planning and preparation of music for your wedding. Guest musicians—friends and family—are welcome; however, Dr. Morvant must still be consulted as part of the planning process.

Who can be involved in the ceremony?

It is up to you to plan for the following options:

  • Readers
  • Servers may be Catholic family members or close friends. They should be trained to serve at Mass.
  • Gift presenters may be family members or close friends.
  • If you are celebrating with a Mass, Eucharistic ministers may be family members, or close friends; they must be Catholic, and trained Eucharistic Ministers in good standing.
  • Musicians and cantors can be provided by the Church; any non-Parish musicians, cantors or soloists must be approved, see section on music.

What are the addresses that we need to know for the Cathedral?

The address you will want to include on your announcements is: St. John’s Cathedral, 807 N. 8th Street, Boise, ID 83702

The address of the parish offices, which you will need for any correspondence with us, is: St. John’s Cathedral, 707 N. 8th St., Boise, ID 83702

What do we need to tell those who will be photographing our wedding?

Once the ceremony begins, all photographers/videographers must stay in one place. A more complete list of requirements that can be given to your photographer can be found here

What do we need to know about church decorations?

If you wish to have pew bows, they must clip or tie on to the pews (no tape, tacks or nails). Aisle candles and aisle runners of any kind are not allowed. The only candles burning during your wedding will be the four candles around the altar and the two near the tabernacle.

All seasonal church decorations (flowers, banners, liturgical displays) are to remain in place.

In addition, please do not allow the throwing of rice, birdseed, confetti, etc. If your guests really want to throw something, have them save it for when you are at the reception venue.


Flower arrangements may either be placed on the sides of the altar, or a single arrangement may be placed in front of the altar. (No flower arrangements should ever be placed on the top of the altar)

Please incorporate decorations that keep the focus on the sacrament. Keep in mind the liturgical season in which your wedding ceremony will be held. During the Christmas and Easter seasons the church may already be decorated.

Respect for God’s house: Proper Behavior

The church is a sacred place. Please refrain from chewing gum, loud talking, inappropriate language, allowing children to run around in the Cathedral, etc. Smoking inside the church building is prohibited


The clergy presiding at your wedding may refuse to allow the ceremony to occur if the bride, groom has consumed or appears to be under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance at that time, and must refuse if it appears such consumption may invalidate the consent of the parties to the marriage. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the church grounds.

Clean Up

It is very important that the Cathedral be left clean for the next wedding, mass, or parish event. Plan for cleaning up. All items brought into the church, dressing areas, and parking lot need to be removed promptly at the end of the service. Please leave the parish facilities as you found them. The Cathedral isn’t responsible for lost or stolen items.