Knights of Columbus


St. John's has an active Knights of Columbus Council.

This fraternal, family-oriented order, founded by Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney, gives Catholic men a chance to be part of a "band of brothers" who serve God, Church, and community. Answering the instruction of Christ to love one another, the Knights meet monthly and engage in a variety of charitable works and service to our Church.    

Among their activities are: 

  1. Serving coffee and donuts after mass on the 1st Sunday of each month, with a pancake breakfast served between October and May; 
  2. Sponsoring a "St. John's Golf Tournament" in the month of August; 
  3. Participating in "stripping the Church" on Holy Thursday, a truly sorrowful and solemn task;
  4. Addressing world hunger as well as trying to address our growing need to help the poverty stricken of our home community;
  5. Sponsoring a "Keep Christ in Christmas" program; 
  6. Sponsoring a communal mass for Knights during Easter season, as well as a communal mass in November in memory of all departed brother Knights;
  7. Carrying baskets of blessed oil from the front of the altar to the parish hall after Chrism Mass for distribution to priests from throughout our diocese;
  8. Planning for a Youth sports program in collaboration with the parish Youth Ministry program to provide fun for Catholic youth in athletic activities;
  9. Participating in uplifting those who need help through "Paint the Town" and "Rake up Boise";
  10. Promoting activities of other parish ministries; and
  11. Participating in the Knights' medical equipment program. 

If you want to be part of exceptional Catholic men, be one of our brothers, and have the warmth of heart only a Knight has, please join us.

Would you like more information about the Knights at St. John's or are you interested in joining the Knights? For more information on how to contact the Council, email [email protected].