Pastoral Council

The St. John's Pastoral Council is the lay advisory group that speaks for the people of God in consultation with the Rector. One of its primary roles is pastoral planning, as the Council continually renews and revises the Parish Strategic Plan. Read the complete bylaws here to understand the function and operation of the Council.

2018-19 Pastoral Council

Kathryn Zimmerman, Chair

Michelle Dolby Hebert, Vice-Chair

Gigi Ferreira, Secretary

Barbara Bennett

Terry Caminiti

Dennis Carter

Tama Everett

Matt McGarry

Adam Pereira

Victor Vincent

Teresa Willerup

Kathryn Zimmerman

Pastoral Staff Advisors

Fr. Mariusz Majewski, Rector

Daniel Gamboa, Director of Administration 

Tom Dominick, Deacon

Pastoral Council Minutes

January 9 February 5 March 13 April 10 
May 9 October 3 November 7 December 5
January 4 February 22 April 5 May 3
September 6 November 8    
January 6 February 3 March 2 April 6
September 7 October 5 November 2 December 7
Pastoral Council Bylaws